Tuesday, July 26, 2016


It is the small things that makes one happy, the really small things in you stomach called bacteria. So you want to change you mood swings weight looks or some other thing change what you eat. I will not go into the small details for each and every one of my readers as we are all different and have different wants.
Yes I have started asking myself questions before I buy something and the main question is . Do I want it or do I need it/........ and the answer if you are honest with yourself will be the right answer.

I also have stopped watching the TV and it's made up news of fear and shock horror. I know what is happening in the world of today and I might not like it but what can I do on a personal level. I tried to confront the corporate criminals but they have so much power that I was beaten. I now am one of the silent revolutionist and spend little money. I remember the president of the USA saying "do not send food or blankets spend spend".
I just read where a lot of the rivers of the word are becoming a river of chemical cocktails of human medicines which can not be removed by our water authorities.I will have to look at ways of getting clean water for drinking and cooking as this is going to become a big problem for our children.
Yes I am happy and I see people in other countries with less than I have with wonderful smiles on there faces, I wonder where they bought them.......

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