Thursday, September 15, 2016


It has taken some time to burn out and realize that Facebook is mind numbing so back to writing about me and my real life. I have made a new kitchen in my house and done some work on a small car I am making. Dancing rock and roll has taken up much time as well.
So here I am now single with money to do what I like when I like. Choices and only I to please.
Freedom yes freedom is mine for the taking. What to do find a partner maybe but I don't think there is anyone good enough for me. I said that to a woman the other day and she said I had tickets on myself I returned with do you want some....Tried the internet dating sites and got heaps on the first day then it all stopped recons they do that to get you in.
Well back to real life with its ups and downs, Dog got washed vacumed the floors in an hour instead of a day. Hey life is just fine and I even watched a TED talk on fine. no it's friggen fantastic made a rocket stove out of concrete and it burns with very little smoke I will put up pics shortly.
The big thing in Australia is gay marriage hey I think I might marry me wonder if it is legal might get a pension for my new partner as well. MMMMMMMMM that last one might be worth going for. Think of all that extra money might even pay myself child support.
The bathroom will have to have two sinks one for my other self. If I was to do the marriage thing would I get married in white?
Wow life gets interesting safe sex do I go to which bathroom when I'm out.
At least I know when my partner is cheating on me.  Better or worst at least I wont leave me.
I think coming off the internet is going to be like a mental illness talking to me. Some time I do need to talk to an expert so I think it is all OK.

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