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Monday, October 10, 2016

Wind and an out going tide.

The heat of summer has arrived with flooding along the south Australian coastline. I have not written for a while as the doing of the word fun takes up most of my time.Took the boat up the Shoalhaven river which is in part flood from the rains.Got to the rapids and went slowly into them at half throttle doing about walking speed to the land. The boat was on plan and the revs was increased and slowly made headway against the rushing water.Touching ground in several places I moved to the right of the river opened the throttle and turned the boat and hit top speed of forty plus the river speed took us to sixty in a blink of an eye. Throttled back and ran the boat up onto a sand bar for lunch.Lunch was a low key affair with sandwiches and a cup of tea from a thermos. The sound of the water rushing past the rear of the boat made for a relaxing time.  Getting back onto the river meant reversing into the rushing stream of water and turning the boat up stream whilst travelling downstream at 20 miles an hour the accelerating into the current to bring the boat to a stationary position on the river. Then doing the same turn with the speed increasing when travelling with the water. Then it was off to the other end of the river some forty kilometers away going with the tide saved on fuel. Reaching the river bar on an out going tide and a wind coming from behind the boat was swept into the waves wich came half way up the windscreen.There was no turning back as the waves were six foot high bursting threw two more waves then there was a lul in the waves and the boat was swung
 around against the out going tide the wind was wiping up the waves and to go over them would have meant the boat would spear across the front of the wave and capsized so all I could do was to stay on the back of the wave and use the throttle to keep me there. No head way was being made and the boat was being swamped from the rear so a little more throttle was applied and the direction was slightly changed to head for the bank and shallower water where the water was flowing at a slower rate and the waves got smaller. The accelerator was opened and we leaped out of the first wave on to the back of the next. Stability was hard to maintain with all the water we had taken on board. It is good fun finding out what your boat is capable of even though it is dangerous.
Wind running against an out going tide is the most dangerous thing one could do as there is no waiting for the next lull in the waves because you are going to be taken there even if you dont want too... .

Sunday, October 9, 2016


Keep the checkout chicks in work Only do business face to face with a human. Stop crank calls demanding money by doing face to face with a human. Get your receipts on paper they can not be deleted only do business face to face stop fraud. Pay your fines face to face at a court house. Keep people in work by only doing face to face.