Saturday, December 10, 2016

Have you experienced death first hand?

Some years ago I was at a fatal crash involving a school bus and a fire engine. After removing all the children from the bus I then focused my attention on a very damaged lady traped inside the bus. I put my hand on her shoulder and told her all the children were all OK. In a flash of time I was hit with what I could only describe as an electric shock when she took her last breath. I was knocked from my feet. I believe that I got in the way of her spirit leaving her body. When help did arrive they were going to use the jaws of life to remove the seats ,I stepped forward and tore the seat from its mountings and the personal there could not believe there eyes as the seat yealded to my efforts. I think back to that time and ask myself how did I do that. My days of driving saw many accidents and the removal of people from cars and trucks. One was on the expressway between Sydney and Wollongong where a car came crashing threw trees on the centre medium strip doing eight end for end rolls. The car was locked and inside was five nuns,yes nuns of the catholic faith. Smashing my way into the car saw all five removed from there seat belts covered with petrol and with the car on its roof. Only one was injured with a small 2 inch cut on her leg. Would I do it again I dont know the petrol was a worry as I thought about that for months later.

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