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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Is there multi universes

We as a species play with drugs and find inner strengths. We see drugs such as ice that multiplies physical strengths so why not drugs that multiply the ability of knowledge. I see that sometimes we fall upon the wrong drug strengths which are hazardous to human health. It is not wrong it is that we find the drug just burns life faster. Is it possible to find a drug that enhances human behavior in a totally new way and the answer is yes. This drug is already in the environment already and it will be stumbled upon if we have not already destroyed it threw the vandalism of greed. Things come in the right time space ratio and there is no altering this fact. Could you imagine if everyone had what they wanted at any given time kayos would prevail much the same way if some had it all and others have nothing. Some will have the ability to slip into another universe and this ability will only be given to a very selected few people with integrity that can never be bought.

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