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Tuesday, January 24, 2017


I did four years of sign writing at TAFE the trainers of industry in Australia. This is one of my qualifications. I am sitting by a river and I decide to burn some of the paper rubbish I have in my car in a rock pit built by someone else. Safe yes been done by others yes. That's the picture. On the tree behind me is a new sign "crown lands private property keep out" Then there is another "No fires" This bloke turns up in a brown shirt and trousers nicely dressed and says "you carnt do that.' "what!" " "Light fires and you are trespassing" "Why not?" "Cause the sign says so" " Who the fuck are you I am the authority here fuck off" "If the sign has authority let it speak for itself fucking self cause it don't need you to say anything, " he left......During my signwriting days I was never told a sign had authority as they were advisory in nature only.

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  1. My brother who is in final year of engineering. I will recommend this post to him as he will get the real meaning of this post and enjoy this blog also.