Sunday, July 9, 2017

Artificial inteligence

This is the most dangerous thing ever perpetrated against the human race and I will explain why.
I was a signwriter and wrote and made signs do not stop no standing excetra. Once hung these signs have power over even the one whom made them. Yes the sign became the authority causing emotional harm to the one who either did not see the sign or miss understood the sign with its penalty of a weeks wage being demanded. Some signs have the ability to make families go with out food and placing them in danger. The government even makes people loose the ability to get an income for even minor infractions, even with out a victim of the so called crime. Crimes against even law abiding people who would not dare to spit on the side walk. Examples are everywhere.
Now add to this dumb machines that when triggered by a camera write letters of demand for huge amounts of money and send them to your address and automatically send reminds and set court date for administrative courts where one is guilty of an offence even with the person unaware of the offence. Regos are suspended by these dumb machines and are upheld by police officers "doing there job". Then automatically fining you for the non reaction.
These machines do not give the human the ability to say "I am innocent" of the offence.
Now lets talk about intelligent machines that are programmed to kill humans on the war fields fought in populated areas. It can will and has been done on all continents of this earth either threw orders of human psychopaths saying so, and machines doing these things with out human control. When will a motor traffic infringement come with orders to kill. It is not a matter of if it is,  It's a a matter of when.WHEN.... that's right your country...

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