Wednesday, July 19, 2017


Loose lips sink ships.
Ever wonder where that came from?
Gossip is in the relm of everyone and causes grief on a grand scale with marriages destroyed, we even gossip to ourselves in our own minds. This causes many problems for the individual with the feeding of jealousy and other emotions to the point of hatred and even murder.
Clear your mind of all such thought and stop the self talk in its tracks. Get control of your life if it is meant to be it will.
Politicians will not fix your life nor will the television with its
prearranged programs that's right programs . You have been programmed to watch it and be controlled by it.
During the Vietnam war I was taught hate in the military so I could and would kill the enemy. The enemy was with in the ranks of the soldiers just like gangs of youths rampant on the streets with no respect for non gang members.
If you were to look at any group of people there is a leader who controls the group and one way is to use gossip. Your thoughts.

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