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Monday, August 7, 2017

Oil on road

Greasing the hands of large land holders in the state of New South Wales seems to be common practice. I would ask the question where is the policing of serious crime? Politicians with there hands deep in vaults of the state creaming off millions of dollars. Then there is proceeds of crime being used in the drug wars where  seizing assets of crime, can these laws not be used against the big players in crime where the state can recoup massive amounts of money to fight real crime. No lets attack the little people for going 10 k's over a suggested speed advisory speed sign and get 400 dollars when they could make millions in just one case. Just doing good governance.
I find it amazing that one journalist and a crew (4 corners) can unearth such crimes and the police can not.
Happens all over the world not just Australia.
Ned Kelly was just an amateur compared to these thieves.
New NEWS Commonwealth bank money laundering Now there's a wooping confiscation assets of crime. Never will happen.

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