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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

On a positive note

We are seeing artificial intelligence taking over jobs this is a good thing and there is going to be resistance to this.
Politics is one job that needs AI , gone will be the days of branch stacking bribes and corruption,you see computers will not be bribed and good governance is good decisions for all the people.
Whistle blowing will be a thing of the past as AI will alert all people about wrong doing and all its fassets.
Computers will run elections for where the money is spent.
Large corporations will not be needed and having corporations with more money than governments is a recipe for disaster as we already know.
Wars will be a thing of the past.
We will have to be on guard for there will be people whom will always want power regardless so justice will have to be dealt swiftly, I am not talking Justice has to appear to be done type of justice. but real justice with real confiscation of proceeds of crime.
Justice of the type where we dont fine someone for being mentally ill or having the wrong address or skin colour.
Yes AI will be a good thing in politics.

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