Sunday, September 10, 2017

Some years back

After reading Nikola Tesla papers my son Tim and I replicated some of his experiments we even modified them using simple electronics bought from the local Dick Smith store.
I came home one day and Tim said not to go into the garage as I would be fried,He had a broom handle and a nail in the end and he pushed it threw the door and the nail glowed red hot. There I told you so Tim gloated. I had to turn the power off on the house at the fuse box to kill the experiment.
One thing we did was to manipulate the electricity supply to the house and flash all the street lights with Morse code.
The power would make your hair stand up in unison to the street lights. Even my vision would go in and out of focus at the same rate. We deemed this was too dangerous so all experiments were stopped and the information was destroyed.
We even used directional energy to blast squash balls into the stratosphere. It was like slow motion watching the balls disappear into the heavens.  Tim wanted to use steel ball bearing balls to shoot into the heavens but I said NO.
Could Tesla split the earth in half I believe he could.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Branch of the family tree

Have you noticed

Have you ever noticed places of stillness are always dusty, Do you ever wonder why?
Can this be used to an advantage and the answer is yes, But I am not going to tell you how or why. Well because the critics will come out of the wood and say why it can not be done and this is counter productive an also very draining on my soul.
So if you like you can post a comment as to how this can be used to benefit mankind.
Looking forward to hearing from you any comment will be thought of as good any detractors will be edited out. Any advertising will also be deleted.
So its over to you.

Scientific statement

Speed does not kill.
Impacts kill.
Put another way energy dissipates when 2 masses collide.
Governments create laws with a lie.
Governments are black holes nothing good comes out.

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Companies live on

After the war of all wars companies live on no children to feed they don't have to eat and yet they are a person under the law.
I bet they never thought of a mad man with an atomic bomb now watch the law deal with this Senerio.


Fentanyl is the drug of of choise for murder. Get this drug patch for your loved one you want to eliminate. Keep a lot of old packaging around and put three or more patches on the victim watch them die which should take a night. make sure that they are beyond saving and still warm and phone the ambulance and be good at acting. The police will come see all the packets left around and say they have been on the stuff for years. They will then assume that the deceased overdosed and you will inherit all there goods and chattels Before you do this get them to write out a will or do it yourself and make sure you spell there name right. No one will object as everyone is in turmoil due to there passing.
Was done here in Australia and it worked The assets were worth 1.2 million.
RIP son......Happy father's day.......Special day .............Heads should roll