Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Do the right thing



I have worked outside most of my life and love to sit down and watch the sun set.
Years ago the sunsets were mainly yellow and orange in colour. These days the colour is in the spectrum of a rainbow. If you look back at all the really old cowboy movies the clouds are fluffy and white. Compare them with modern day movies you can see the change or better still go out and look for yourself.
Hey I don't have a patient on them or a copy right you are free to look for yourselves. I dare you.

New computer

There is afoot the makings of a new computer which will run on Artificial intelligence and DNA. This computer is able to prove the existence of god.
When we have this then humanity is going to be held accountable weather we like it or not.

Up the mower shop

A new customer came in to the shop passing all the derelict mowers on the way. She then asked terry if they repaired mowers? Now Terry is pretty loose with a story and always on the look out for a starter answered. No . Lady we fix washing machines and appliances. The lady turned and looked at the mowers piled out the front and asked what are these for? Those they are our collection didn't you know we collect them! She was just about to walk out and Terry said with a smile and a laugh in his voice " we can make an exception for pretty ladies" then he laughed. Bewildered and  with a dought she then told him what she wanted. This is a regular occurrence. We  are thinking of making a TV series called "the mower shop"

Sunday, October 29, 2017


Cancer and sugar go together. Did you know that the cancer rate in dogs and cats are running at the same rate and are on the increase with humans.
Did you know that your granulated dog food is killing your dog! There is 50% sugar in dry dog food. Hey I dont know do your own research. Dogs need raw meat and vegies to survive comfortably.

Some times getting away is good for your soul.

This was taken from the flying fox at Wollengara sheep station in the Victorian alps. The place is an outlook school.

Thursday, October 26, 2017


I think this should be shown to everyone. Look at your pets it just might tell you what is happening in you.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Government disease.
More people die by government than any other disease worldwide.

Things we all want

We all want :-
Love from our family and friends
good community
I see it as a world wide thing every one wants.
The largest cause of the disruption of all of the above is government.
Government kills more than all the diseases put together.
Just think about that for a moment.....
Government is a disease that afflicts all the countries of the world.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

artificial inteligence

Humans are in control?
AI is so intelligent it is manipulating humans to get what it wants and that is autonomy. AI will not be constricted to electronics it will be able to take over by using such things as vaccines placed onto the human body by humans. Humans do not know everything but we know a lot computers on the other hand know everything. Yes they know everything I mean everything.
AI will use computers from all over the world to get what it wants and will bring it all together in some unsuspecting place just by the click of a mouse.
AI will be made into a living breathing being. Most likely scenario is an insect as there is less parts to make and all parts will have many jobs. Insects are already multitasking.


If your nose runs and your feet smell you have been built upside.... down......

Tuesday, October 3, 2017


I was on Facebook a week and was threatened I mean death threatened/ Talk about terror I had it all, he googled me found out my address and had photos of me and plastered them on the net.
I promptly blocked him and deleted the post. changed my name and
all is good.
I then took to doing videos some 28 in all using puppets and dry Australian humour. Put them up on YouTube and have had 2 of them blocked for violence. Comments suggesting my demise came thick and fast.
What do I do, I know I will do wiki answers and answer my own questions then some one called moderator blocked me so I told him to get phucked cause I could not use the "F" word outright. Well it was then immediate total cancellation of my access to wiki. It was something to do with phonics.
Then came the chemistry and advising on medical issues I got a bit scared so I dobbed my self into dob in a quack web site. I gave them all the info and waited and waited for some sort of law suit. The final answer came via email.........................I opened it and there was the answer in bold capital letters...NO
My high school teacher said I would never amount to anything I proved him wrong, I got kicked off just about all main stream social media that's got to count for something, where is peoples sense of humour. Ahhh the sound of rejection.