Sunday, April 29, 2018

Hollow stones

I have in my travels found very large stones that are hollow big enough to live in like a house.  I came across one of  these by moving some brush at the top side and crawled under the stone to find it hollow. Then there is one huge stone that is hollow with no entry it feels like it is going to collapse under my weight and when tapped it rings like a drum. In one of my videos there is a stone column that has possibly been broken in half and which are laying one on top of the other. The surrounding area does not have stones like them, weighing in at around 40 tons each. Then there is a wall made with out mortar which I will examine in some detail in the coming months. These are like the close fitting stones of the Incas. I will photograph these on my next visit as last time I did not have my camera with me. Who would have thought I would have become an archaeologist in my later years.

Saturday, April 28, 2018

Beating the algorithm

How to crash algorithms.
It takes some time and diligent use if the keyboard. Just click on things and say you dont like it after reading, delete friends who were never really friends.
It turns out that the computer does not know what to do. Standard answer is why am I seeing this.
Over months the crap I was receiving slowly started to dwindle to now feeling alone on Facebook. Yes alone sitting in the corner by myself. Then the reality set in and I went outside the sun was shinning for me! I began to talk to real people. Long walks on the beach were every sheila goes on dating sites and none were seen on the beach, I was alone with a few fishermen and they actually had time to talk. Then back home the yard looked shabby no it was a overgrown junk pile that took a month to clean up. Tons of vegetation was burnt,constant fire for three days. Yes that right three days of non stop fire.I actually found three fences at the rear of my house, Then it started to happen people came to see me in person. Did I mention that for a week I put stuff out on the council strip from inside the house and it was walking away as fast as I put it there. I dont think I will be broken into again as the thief will feel sorry for me because there is nothing to steal. I have had to say no to do gooders trying to give me stuff. Then it got personal after cleaning the mirrors there was the real me long beard and hair like that bloke who lived with a bear in the wild I was the bear. 
I now have real living breathing friends thanks for pissing me off Facebook.
 Now comes the time when I take on Googles algorithms.