Friday, December 28, 2018

Spy drones will come a time that police cars will be tracked by drones and there where abouts could be sold to people who want to know where they are.
If you knew this information then you could travel at any speed you like with out the risk of being caught is just one reason for this.
It might not be that hard with the big numbers on there roofs.
How many things could you think if you had this information?
Make a comment and we might find out.

Stealth drones

It's easy to copy anything made .
Take the stealth bomber it could be made into a fully operational model machine to carry drugs thousands of miles across oceans using GPS and pre programmed flight patterns then landed on any road in any country. It could then be refuelled and sent back with a different cargo all under the eyes of military radar. They might even be refuelled on commercial ships at sea and then sent on there way again.
Thinking again they might be built and maintained on shipping at sea. The drugs or other cargo taken to the mother ship by drug subs high speed boats or even fishing boats from land based shipping points.
Some years back I started to write a fiction book and was stopped by me because of the reality that it created and the dangers I could see.I guess this is just another one of those ideas that could become reality.
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Thursday, December 27, 2018

My first foray into movies

I got heaps of hate mail and death threats for this, No puppets or animals were injured in the making of my videos. Obviously no one knows platypus and there ways to make the threats against me. So please have a laugh especially those who made the threats. Can YouTube reinstate my videos as I have no copies.

Wednesday, December 19, 2018


I rang the Bureau of Statistics and they know everything in Australia. I asked how many laws are there in Australia including act and statues.
They did not know so I ask you how many laws and acts and statues have you broken today?

Sunday, December 16, 2018

inheritance and its pit falls.

Talking about inheritance.
I asked my mates daughter how long do you want dad to live he was 40 at the time , " recon 78" you are how old answer 20. Now that's 20 plus 38 years that makes you 58 years old. when you might get your dad's lot. "best you go and get your own as you might be to old or dead to enjoy it.

Thursday, December 6, 2018

Timothy Stewart Strik

Timothy was murdered on 17 March 2015
The remains of where Timothy's ashes are unknown
Timothy was murdered with triptanol
Timothy had assets of 1.2 million Au. dollars
Timothy had a gay partner and he got all the assets and cash money.
Timothy's will had spelling mistakes in his signature!
The police have no resources to check his licence signature against the will signature.
The perfect crime just another overdose.
His father would like answers.

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

The perfect Murder

I write this true story for police officers not to be conned by a perfect con artist a poofter as we used to call them.
The person who was murdered was a gay man with over a million dollars in assets. The killer was his gay partner whom was to be replaced by his former partner
I will change the names for legal reasons.
Mit was the victim
Doo low was the murderer
Jimmy was the ex boyfriend.
Some months before Mit was to die he was to make out a will against his will with threats of his niece being killed if he did not.
In the will he left everything to Doo Low with the exclusion of everyone else. Doo Low was into selling drugs and used his contacts to force Mit to buy drugs mainly pain killers. Endone was one of the main ones which is a morphine based drug. Mit was seriously injured as a very young man in an industrial accident and only reached the age of 39 when he was struck down.
Mit told his brother what was going on a week before his death and said he was going to leave Doo Low. Knowing that Doo Low was watching his every move he went to his fathers place and told him of the threats.
The week before Mit died his father had a brain bleed and was in intensive care for several weeks. Mit never went to see his father and was administered triptanol and suffered a very pain full death which lasted for nine hours. Doo Low spoke to his girlfriend and told her that he left Mit to die and had to put ear plugs in his ears because Mit was to die a agonising death. Doo waited until Mit was in the final throws of death and he then rang the ambulance.
The Ambulance tried to revive him and worked on Mit for an hour before they pronounced him dead.
The police arrived and found lots of drugs even ones that Mit did not take and they asked a few questions and with all the drug packets lying all around concluded he had died at his own hands.
The will was found to have Mit's signature had been spelt wrong. The front and the rear pages had staple holes in them and the middle one did not and that's where the discrepancy was. Doo"s girlfriend was to tell her husband of the ear plugs some time later and she was given 400 thousand dollars to keep quite. Mit's father was ripped off 10,000 dollars at the time  He is in continual grief and no one wants to know what really happened to Mit.
Jimmy was severely affected by the death of his former partner and believed that Mit was cumming home. Jimmy and Mit had very long and loving relationship that lasted 18 years.Jimmy also said in 18 years Mit only went to the one doctor in Darlinghurst and he only took what he needed and was very particular with his drug intake.
. Doo Low was ACDC and did not mind a bit of skirt on the side.
Doo Low would go out with Mit and would not pay the restaurant bills trying to get Mit beaten up.
This all could be put to rest if the police would check the signatures on the will and compare them to Mit's drivers licence which they will not as it has been four years since Mit's death

So for all you want to be killers out there use drugs as the choise of weapon and blame the dead person for taking there own life you will get away with it.

Footnote: Doo Low did not get away with it totally as he is now on drugs and his girlfriend wont have anything to do with him. His own father has dis-owned him and he has Mit's house. He built a high fence around the house to keep out drug dealers and has made a prison for himself. He is in solitary confinement all at his own hands.

Poofter is a not liked gay person one of the colourful people master of deception.
Use over time for: poofters
The term is no longer used its been watered down to gay.