Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Live by no rules

There is no future for children of today!
!5 years ago the highest temperature recorded in Australia was 40 degrees. Climate change is here now yes that's right "climate change is here now". My youngest son was asked 15 years ago by the Wollongong city council in a school project "What changes would you like to see the council implement?"
This was "the council of innovation".
The project had students making models and writing reports and the ideas were startling.
My son chose as his project an underground house dug into the side of a hill.
He asked me to help him make a model of the house which was three story windows facing north in the southern hemisphere.
Some years later we bought the land on a north facing slope and we were set.
Plans were drawn up and the "Council of innovation rejected it because it was too radical"?.
Many variations were tried and all rejected and in the end we gave up or go bankrupt.
Today the house has never been built and it is now even more than ever needed.

This is an artist impression of the house in 2 story configeration.

These  are the working sketches of the foundations.
On 12 March 2010 I wrote:-

Friday, March 12, 2010

Let me prophesies for a moment underground shanty's are going to be a thing of the future and will be dug into hills and mountains and anywhere that people can. There is a new law out that the government in NSW Australia, that allows the government to confiscate your land and home to sell it to developers to make money from. This will make the Wollongong city council debacle a pimple on the big fat arse of the premier of the state of NSW.
So I will suggest that you learn how to make an underground shelter of modest size. Select your land probably on government land and dig a small hole and make it look like a drain or something with  a locking grate where you have the keys you have to be selective and when you go into this place you have to make it look like no one goes there. If you wear a track make sure that you have the track double back on its self as the curious will look and decide not to go any further when they see the perceived end if the track. When I was at high school we had a spot on the side of a creek and the teachers couldn't get the because you had to jump a creek twice to see the track we used to have to jump and jump again.  They used to walk to the waters edge and go back because they thought the end of the track was there if they only knew...This would have been a good spot for a underground shanty. This is going to be an extension to stealth camping the things I read about on the internet.Other ways is for groups of people to buy a section of land and develop your own shelter in a gated community. They will plant all sorts of edible food and make the place look overgrown.
When you start to dig a hole get dressed in workers clothes with construction helmets and vests and if the locals see you tell them you work for the council and you are doing and environmental survey and are looking for the endangered flabbergasted worm. Ask them if they want to help you and you might be surprised when you get help.....Have fun and enjoy yourselves Cheers

Getting back on track the future is looking bleek with record high temperatures nearing the 50's across Australia. I will say the 2 degree temperature climate temperature has been exceeded and weather patterns are going to tear down above ground structures made of wood.
So there you have it food shortages water shortages will be a thing of the future. Housing is going to become scarce and expensive with the rise in homeless peoples.

Thursday, January 24, 2019

Sick of lies.

Big pharma has a way of telling lies and they get away with it. Anyone can fudge the figures and manipulate the facts to suit themselves. Just look a the law, it is not what you think it is and what is being said. They have there own meanings of words. Just look at the Black's law dictionary. We are all idiots and you better believe it.
Now lets get to real stuff like engineering. Now here is a subject that everyone involved must be on the same page at the same time. When engineers get it wrong people more than not die from the mistake. Mathematicians are another lot that must get it right all the time. Just half a degree out shooting for the moon and you miss it by a mile and are flung off into space never to be heard of again.
Now relationships that is another story of it's own where telling the truth can get a fellow into a lot of hot water.

So the question is lie or not to lie!

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

I removed a bearing in a blind hole with sweet potato and a dolly

I had this flywheel bearing in a hole and had to remove it. tried slide hammer pullers and they broke. What next hydrolics! Sweet potato was the preferred choise so I cut two circles of sweet potato into circles about 10mm long. then I made a dolly in the lathe the same size of the id of the bearing. put the potato into the hole and inserted the dolly and with one hit of the hammer the bearing guts came out leaving the outer race.
New dolly was made to fit the id of the outer race and two more slabs of sweet potato were inserted and the new bigger dolly put in the hole and with one almighty hit from the hammer the outer race moved it took 2 more hits ,race removed.
Now you know why it is called sweet potato.

Monday, January 14, 2019

Walls or a world with out walls

How about jails with out walls. Maybe houses with out walls. dams with out walls. China with out it's wall. Even Art galleries with out walls. Lets ban walls world wide. Maybe a public no wall holiday.

Sunday, January 13, 2019

dormant submarines

I have thought of submarines that lay on the bottom of the oceans for years waiting for a command.
In Australia we have such a submarine it has missiles capable of knocking out the best of missiles sent to attack Australia in the 90's. These submarines lay in the waters of the Pacific ocean and the Indian ocean, they can not be found as they give off no signals at all so are undetectable to any machines or electronics. Built in the latter parts of the 1990's by several talented model engineers university graduates and model plane builders. These machines are still active with a life of 25 years so they will have to be awaken so as to replace the batteries in the next couple of years. I am afraid that some of the builders are deceased and the others are unable to be found. I meet up with one such fellow who is homeless just the other day in Parramatta. He said that they should be left to die on the ocean floor as they were the work of the devils henchman.
I had the rov that was to awake the submarines and it was destroyed a couple of years ago in a flood in my shed along with all the schematic drawings of the electronics.
People in the future that are going to do this work will have to be trained from birth and given bribes to keep the interest. I did this with my sons who are quit capable of all sorts of work.I learnt it from a school football game where the mother used to pay her child for touching the ball and for tackling a ball carrier. Talk about professional players at the ages of five.
So if you want intelligent children bribe them for doing what you want of them it works.

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

The easy road

I was talking to my youngest son about the easy road. I mentioned names of friends and family who appear to have it easy which they do. He then said to me you want it easy then look at those people now and the sicknesses they have. In old aged care at 50 major operations drugs and even death. Then he asked me do you want what they have or what you have? Well the answer was as plain as the sun rising in the morning. I am so lucky to have had it rough. Do the same exercise and then ask do you really want what they have?