Sunday, June 16, 2019

The stolen country.

The Commonwealth of Australia is being run in treason by the Parliament of Australia with an ABN which makes it just another trading company along with most councils with ABN's. The High Court of Australia is also running in treason for allowing it to happen. The governor general is also in treason for not informing the Queen. This country is in a criminal mess. For writing this I am classed as a terrorist and can be goaled.

Saturday, June 15, 2019


I got this new girlfriend and she stayed over one night and put her teeth in a cleaning agent next to the bed for the night.
Sound asleep she was when the tooth fairy struck.
I believe in the tooth fairy and thought she might like to too.
Softly I changed glasses not the reading type but the drinking type one filled with teeth and the other filled with gold one dollar Australian coins.
The teeth sat in the kitchen and the coins next to her bed.
Sound asleep was I at seven in the morning when the almighty scream came from her room.
Where are my teeth she demanded " the tooth fairy took them" I explained Having nothing to do with that she turned into a full blown tornado.
 After an hour I gave up the precious teeth and for the rest of the day I knew I was going to pay for this.
Mid afternoon she said lets go to karaoke which seemed to be a good idea.
We sing in the car together and I thinks we sound pretty good.
She said lets do John Cashes Im going to Jackson. Sounded good.
Me being  dyslexic and this was a two part song We started off great she sang her bit and then mine came to the screen in red and green total colour wash and I was left standing there with no words to sing, Got me back she did in a room full of party animals.
She is still my girlfriend I don't know why?

Thursday, June 13, 2019

No one cares.

No one cares. When the bees die and humans are put on the endangered list someone just might listen.
The world health organisation has thousand new species on the list and it is growing.
What they are not telling you is humans are on that list

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Plastic water tanks and what else

We make lots of things out of plastic common things are kayaks boats water tanks.
These items are very strong and colourful. they can with stand large impacts and are cheap to make in mass.
So I pose the question why are we not making plastic one piece cars given the above.
A three metre boat 24 foot water tanks at a cost of a couple of thousand Australian dollars.
Given that plastic is a world wide problem.
Cars could be made for a couple of thousand dollars in small factories in rural towns across the world.
Powered by water electrolysis running on hydrogen and oxygen.which some say can be done.
Just thinking.

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Energy part 3

This is the best part and if you read the other post back to PART 2 then this is one of the solutions to a lot of problems the world is going to go threw.
Extracting protons and hydrogen from water is going to have to be researched and the patents that have been bought up to stop this are going to have to be made null and void.
In one of the previous posts I mentioned GREED FRAUD AND CORRUPTION this will have to be addressed on a global scale.

Carry on the way you are and you just might be one of the ones who actually witness what is going to happen.

For the Americans of the US.Trump is not the bad one but it is leading to that just happening. Look up history in Czechoslovakia ... writing is on the wall. be warned or be dead.