Tuesday, November 12, 2019


Good rule of thumb .
1/ If you can not pick it peal it or shoot it don't eat it.
2/ if it has a label on it telling you what it is don't eat it.

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Driving a car for 50 years

I remember when I started to drive every day I uased to have to clean the windscreen and radiator of the car of insects.
We even made fly screen to cover the radiator as the dead bodies corroded the radiator.
Now days I can drive for months and not have to clean the windscreen. Even at night no insects.
Is it climate change or petrochemical companies the main reasons for the problem.
One might think petrochemicals for the problem.
The only insects on the increase is mosquitoes and the reason for this is irrigation and the constant changes in river heights. Cattle wank to the water and leave foot prints and these fill up with water and thus the increase in mosquitoes and Ross river fever.
I find the funny thing is people freak over cockroaches but the real one should be afraid of is the mosquitoes. No one seems to know the real dangers....

Thursday, October 31, 2019

secondary boycotts

Australian prime minister is talking about secondary boycotts for demonstrating.'
Is it not amazing police book you for speeding the courts convict you and then the state debt recovery steals your money or takes your licence. Talk about secondary boycotts.
You get a fine for your dog and the state debt recovery and they take your money or your drivers licence talk about secondary boycotts.
Debt collectors demand money with menaces for a made up debt that they pay for you. Is this again secondary boycotts. If someone pays a debt for you then all you have to do is say thank you.

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Over weight part 3

Well the weight is falling off I am down to 91.7
No side effects time will tell...I think the secrets are eat animal fats. Definitely no trans fats or mono unsaturated fats.
If it comes in a packet with a list of unknowns don't eat it.
I am Off all medications.
Feet are healing up from 50 years of fungus infections.
Generally I am feeling great and sleep well.
I will update this again in the future.
Remember it is your body that heals you not your doctor.
Question:- Who started the cancer council?

Saturday, October 19, 2019

The answer to yesterday's question

The answer. You breath out the fat in the form of carbon dioxide.
So to lose weight all you have to do is breathe.
Exercise keeps the body in good shape.
If you reduce the toxic foods going into your body then the body has time to remove the fats threw breathing.
If you contaminate the body with chemicals of all sorts the the body can not perform.
My god made me with out introduced chemicals and a built in repair system that does a fine job if I feed it good foods.

Weight loss

Question :- When you loose weight where does it go?

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Chemical foods plastic foods

Ever wonder why you are sick all the time? The previous posts might have given you a clue.
Plastic is carcinogenic, Back in the 1960 they started using plastic milk containers that;s when the glass bottles were recycled. There was an uproar from consumers and the milk in plastic was near given away and the storm subsided and the price went back up.
Most people have short memories and are lead and they go along easily.
Monopolies were forbidden and discouraged. Now every thing we do is run by monopolies and individual thinking is discouraged to a point it is illegal.
Yes I am a terrorist according to dictionary definitions.