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Sunday, March 4, 2018


I was fighting with depression and the war was silent so I took some hydrogen peroxide and put it in my ear 3% Now I can hear the gunfire and bombs going off.

Thursday, March 1, 2018


Electricity is not affected by gravity! At the top of a mountain it is the same as at the bottom?

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Cure of Autism

There is much ado in the social media. Discussion with a single report of support links vaccination and autism onset. The medical field is not responsible for the punishment of the drug companies elite members of corruption but the governments of the our day will be surely interested in laying corporate instead of government blame on those that benefit from hiding such links from the point of view of exposing and punishing wrong action.
An avenue exists for reverse chemical engineering by all interested research firms drawing information from an accurate data sheet on the point vaccine to trace back the chemical process of autism creation and reverse this reaction so as to bring about autism's cure.

The path leading to the creation of autism also leads back to it's cure.

It is only time now until the point vaccine is revealed. Knowing which vaccine creates autism will couple well with the accurate research to bring the field of medicine to autism's cure.

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Learning never stops

Men's coaching is good  for women.When you realise how important it is to develop your self-worth, you'll stop dating rat bags, that are insecure, abusive men.You'll stop wasting your time with men who don't appreciate you, and instead you'll seek out men who actually treat you good instead of looking for men who abuse you due to your subconscious insecurities.
Good men for well adjusted good women

Wednesday, December 27, 2017


If you have a creek on your land one of these can power your house. If you are on a slope then more the better. The trompe can be made from pipes on the ground, I am not sure if the pipes have to be vertical but is better if it is.
It consists of two pipes going down into the earth and a air tank in the middle to collect the air. Air is mixed with the incoming water in pipe one and is swept down and compressed and it flows under the tank releasing some of the air and returning to the surface in the second pipe which is lower than the intake pipe. Simple but it works the good thing is the water is in better shape than when it went in to the system.
Every 14 feet down produces one atmosphere of pressure from memory.
Check this out on wiki

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Engineers in medicine

 I was trained as an engineer and part of it is chemicals and there uses, The people in other professions and others do not believe we have the knowledge to cross bridges but let me tell you we build bridges. 
So where to from here?
I do not really know because all trades cross paths.
Let me explain Engineering has drawing so does signwriting ,Signwriting has colour so does interior decorating much the same as architecture. Architecture is design cars are designed. Trades drive cars and so it goes on. Let me explain all jobs cross other trades lines in some way.  
I do all types of trade work and I see on social media people with out any trade qualifications say you can not do that. Why some are totally inept even at the work that they get paid for, Don't believe me ring a telco or an energy company and get sence out of them. Try also talking to a scam person on the phone they at least know what they want "your money".