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Monday, October 26, 2009

Rabbit stew

When I was eight my father decided that he had enough with share farming and would go to the big smoke and work.
My mum and my brothers stayed behind til dad found a place to live.
One of the chores was to empty the night soil and to do this we had to dig a hole and bury the stuff. Well the ground was as tough as nails and as dry as a bucket full of sand. It just had to be done.
On this one memorable occasion while carrying the pan full of goodies to the hole my oldest brother on one end of a pole and me and my other brother were on the other end. It was heavy and my oldest brother was backing up and he fell into a rabbit burrow and all the glorious contents went over him. You could have heard the hollows and screaming on the other side of hell.
There was a lesson learned that day ("he who bashes his brother gets covered in shit"). No more digging holes as the rabbits dug them for us.
On the next occasion of the great pan dump, (that's where the term I'm going to have a dump came from.) We scouted around for a suitable rabbit burrow and the contents of the pan were dumped down the hole with the thumping of ground from under foot as the rabbits made there escape. I don't know which the bunnies were running from the smell or the thought of being buried alive. But us being pretty pore had that covered as well and had nets draped over the exits. The rabbits came out of those burrows at a hundred miles an hour straight into the nets. When mum cooked tea for us that night it was rabbit stew and it went down a treat. From that day forth we never dug a hole for the pans contents again. We also new that there was a good feed that night as well. So if you live in the Dorrigo area of NSW, you now know why the rabbits are so big it was all that food we gave them. cheers Stewart

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