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Friday, October 30, 2009

Recycled organic boat part 14

Well you wouldn't believe it , I didn't have enough timber for the deck and the stuff I have used is old stock and out of date. Its enough to make you throw your hat in the river and jump in after it. So its back to scavenging and Kmart and Bunnings don't have the stuff. So where do you get the timber to finish the deck, I goes into Independent Floors across the road from Bunnings and wallah and low and behold they have some stuff that can be milled down to size it is the same spotted gum as the last lot but a different colour, The top photo shows the colour difference and the bottom photo shows the difference in thickness the centre piece is the milled one. The centre photo shows today's progress. I also got the hinges for the stove for free. So tomorrow I have some work ahead of me.

A few years ago my mate Ray worked at the rubbish tip as a professional scavenger and this bloke rang him on his mobile and was placing an order for his requirements and the list was about as long as your arm and Ray finally stopped him with the words,"this ain't Kmart its the f#%&^*# rubbish tip for Pete's sake" when Ray got off the phone he said to me that he would fill the order without trouble and that it happens on a regular basis..
So now I expect things to come to me as required and it works. I started this project on the 13th and wonder I can get it in the water in a month from start.
cheers Stewart

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