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Thursday, October 8, 2009


Warranties are generally not worth the paper they are written on. If you can buy a product without warranties at a cheaper price you will be better off. I bought a new vehicle and the remote key entry doesn't work. You would think its under warranty well they say at the reception desk that if it is not a manufactures fault you are up for the costs. I stood there watching the other costumers arguing over the cost of repairs with no come back on the warranty. When I saw what was happening I said when it was my turn, that if it wasn't covered by warranty not to fix it. The come back was you will have to pay the labour charges. Who gets to say its warranty? They do and they aren't going to give you the warranty because they can claim the warranty charges and parts they have charged you from the Manufacturer.
I bought a Holden Barina new many years ago and had it serviced and the book kept up to date. I was sure the work wasn't being done and advised them of my concerns,I was told what would you know so I let it be, Just in warranty it blew a head gasket. Same deal no warranty if not a manufactures fault. Well I had to get the thing fixed and they rang me and said that it wasn't covered by warranty because I didn't change the oils and glycol at the regular intervals, and I said that's right and to fix it any rate. When I went to get the car they went through the same spool and I agreed with them and it was that I didn't change the oil etc, They presented me with a bill of $1200.00. And I asked what this was for and they again said that I didn't change oil and I again agreed, then I said "That's what I paid you for" and "You will pick up the bill for this". Well you should have seen the service managers face. Well I laughed and smiled and he couldn't do a thing about it as he told me in front of witnesses what had caused the problem..This story happened in Wollongong

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