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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Burrages and the envioment

This is one of the barrages On the road to Orient Point in N.S.W
This shows the fresh water side of the barrage with all the algal blooms Note there is no Mangrove trees There is no bird life and fish life that I saw.
This shows the salt water side of the barrage with the salt water Mangrove trees There were ducks on this side and there was fish breaking the surface of the water but I did not get to see what type
This is a small barrage and the Eco system is much smaller  behind this barrage
This is the fresh water side of this small barrage The water was stagnant and it was covered by large casurina trees which kept the sun off the water so I think this is why it is not filled with algae
This is the water side of the small barrage and the grass is in good condition but of a different type The water is cleaner
This barrage is further inland protecting another creek.
This is the fresh water side of the barrage.Note there is no mangrove trees, very mono cultured. algae in small amounts The paddock is free of cattle.
This is the salt water side the water is discoloured by cow droppings that have not flushed out of the system.
This is on the fresh water side .5 km up stream note there is no wild life at all
This is as far as I could go up this stream on public land but you can see the algae.
about 200 meters the drain goes in three directions and the above photos show one this is another branch
This is another branch and there is saline damage to the trees this branch is in bad condition with algae blooms.
This is opposite the barrage and on the salt water side again you can see the water discoloured by cows defecating into the water and water run off
This is further down the stream with out cattle entering the system, it looks reasonably healthy.
this shows one property that has fenced off the stream the cattle gather here as this is the only shade in the paddock
This is the last of the barrages along the stream you will note there is no fences or trees in the paddocks for the cows
A cormorant in the salt water side
Note there is little shade in the paddocks, you can see where they congregate in the hollow to keep cool
There is a little bit of work done to stop erosion due to low water the water if allowed to come this far would cover the sand. note the algae and the discoloured water from cattle droppings

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