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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Do and read something different

I hope this page will help you to start reading newspaper and magazine articles a little differently, and perhaps start watching TV news with a slightly different attitude. Better still be proactive and select your viewing and reading material, don't just sit there and watch what is there. Always ask yourself, what are they selling here, and who is selling it?
If the news is dealing with an issue where money is involved, like global warming objective data won't be so easy to obtain. Remember, if everybody knows something, that image has been bought and paid for.
Real knowledge takes a little more effort, a little digging down at least one level below what "everybody knows."
We are all "conditioned". What we are exposed to through the media, especially television, shapes  our beliefs.
Britney Spears is paid millions of dollars to tell us to drink something cause it works, who is she a drunkard? Choise magazine says a washing machine is good and give it a star rating out of this world and when the are told of problems they still leave the star rating.(see posting on this blog about going green washing machines)
It is  clear to me that most of what is presented on  TV and in the news papers can be referred to as "poison for the mind".
Making and doing things has helped me make marked improvements in not only my health and other aspects of my life as well. I highly recommend you look into it. Dont believe me I could be wrong.

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