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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Enviroment disasters

As I have said before the damage to the river at Gundagai is starting to happen! We can not drink the water from the river just think of the poor cattle and sheep who have to drink from the sewer they call a the Murrumbidgee river, as they can not filter there water except through their stomachs. These photos are taken at the mouth of the Murray River which the Murrumbidgee flows into.  The photos are from The lakes need  it is a disgrace and the people of Australia  should be ashamed of themselves to allow this to happen. I know of another area that is set up the same as the Coorong but only on a very small scale and the changes there are obvious I will do some research and put the results on this blog with photos. I believe the salt water has to come into the rivers to flush the mouth and clean away what I call environment rubbish. I don't believe that the salt water and fresh water will combine as there will always be an area of brackish water between the two. Damming water is only for humans not the environment, you know the greedy ones who get big salary's and payoffs when things go wrong. Maybe we can claim on the warranty?MMMMMMMMM!  If they want someone to blow up the barrages let me know and I will gladly turn the key.

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