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Saturday, November 28, 2009


I live in a rough area of town and the kids do as they please. There parents are probably working. Well the young kids as young as five maybe and as old as ten got into my yard and stole plants garden furniture and the like. They made the mistake of breaking a small sculpture and left it laying on the ground. I waited for three days for them to come back and they did. That's when I told them I locked up a gobbling in the statue and they let it out when they broke it. The only way to get the gobbling back into the statue was to bury the statue in the ground really deep. I then told one little girl to get out of the tree she had climbed which she did with out a word being said (to my surprise). The eldest girl picked up the statue and went to the others and said that we have to bury this. They all left with the statue with there heads held low. I was polite and convincing and said it all with conviction, no raised voices , I also said that I was disappointed with them as I thought they were nice girls. I went in side and my wife said what was I so happy about, and I told her, She said that I was cruel. I don't think so   :)  :)  :)

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