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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Noddy and the Farmyard Muddle. or Murder

Noddy will never be the same without Mr Golly. Who will fix Noddy's car at a reasonable rate? Noddy doesn't have a lot of money. Will Mr Sparks rip Noddy off? Were all the golliwogs murdered?
That white-faced Mr Sparks, who become the proprietor of the Toytown garage that fixes Noddy's car! Is Mr Sparks a developer? Did Mr Sparks pay a bribe to the mayor of Wollongong city council. Is he a scoundrel for erasing Mr Golly from the new book? Is he a member of the mafia? Has he paid off the ICAC? Is he a drug lord pushing pills from the garage? Is the box Mr Golly's coffin? Or is it mine? :)

The question is, was Mr Golly murdered and his belongings stolen from his family? Where is Mr Golly's body? HeHe HeHe :)The plot thickens. ;) Will the truth will come out in time? Is Plodd good enough to catch the perpetrators?

Or were these figarines found at the local rubbish tip? Were they found there? Who put them there and why , the plot thickens.

( Wollongong is a city 50 miles south of Sydney, Australia)

(ICAC is the Independant commission against corruption in N.S.W. Australia)

Tune in for the next episode of the missing Mr Golly and all the black golliwogs...and is bribery and corruption alive and well in the government of N.S.W.? HeHeHe :)$$$$:)

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