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Saturday, November 21, 2009


Is sugar and glucose killing you? Just research the subject on  I think you will be supprized where you will find sugar and glucose in refined foods. Thalidomide caused problems in the past with court cases costing the community and drug companies a fortune, Is the same going to happen with sugar? Is CSR the new cash cow for the legal eagles or shall we call them buzzards? If anyone wants to make money on this buy shorts in the sugar company and put out a press release and that just might do it. I haven't done this as it would be immoral on my part. Check out all the adds that have popped up in the add section of this blog about sugar problems with there chemical answers!!!!! I just had another look at the anti sugar web sites and the adds were there all pushing there drug or there so called cure. By all means have a look at the adds and then read the link in this post above in pink.

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