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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Dogs kennel

I have built a dog kennel to show how off cuts from a timber yard can be used. Its plantation pine 3" x 2" and is stacked using glue for mortar and assisted with nails. I had to make it wider at the top so the dog could turn around,  but kept the floor area small  reducing the volume for the dog s body to heat up.The floor is 3"x2" as well for insulation value. There is nothing to stop you from using these off cuts to build a house or shed, they are only rubbish going to land fill or for fire wood. You could use them in a cord wood walls.Houses could be built and they could be dome shaped or even made into a sphere and still keep there strength and integraty as you can see from the photo below the walls on the side are not vertical at the base.Furnature could be built of the same stuff and be sculptured to suit the form of the body there use is endless uses. There is one drawback with furnature in that it is heavy,I had to battle in the end to move this kennel.

The Foxterrier is trying out the cattle dogs kennel

The next shows the back of the kennel

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