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Monday, December 14, 2009

electricity prices

Well, they are at it again. 60% increase in prices.  I know how to reduce prices by 60% sack the greedy bustards that get productivity bonuses for what 60 % increases in prices. Talk about  health care why not give the pill to women and that will save the health care in Australia. Here it is 20 million people in Australia,    half woman that leaves 10 million half of these woman are sexually active that leaves 5million x that by 40 dollars to see a doctor each month x twelve months= 5m x40 x12 =  $2,400,000,000....greedy bustards no wonder we are going broke..Getting back to electricity they haven't done anything new to infastructure for years, but they have raped the system, maybe its time for the pill to be given to the Ceo's and all of Australia $%^&*#@ the bustards.  As I said in one of my articles on don't go grid interactive go small solar and batteries as you use less of there electricity they charge a standing fee before you get paid for your electricity that you produce.

Reduce your light component of your bill by getting some garden solar lights and bring them in at night..There is a story about lights and global warming on

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