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Saturday, December 5, 2009

The spider

Living in Gundagai it was hot in the summer extremely hot and the coolest room was the toilet. The only way to keep cool was to spray water over yourself with a spray bottle filled with water.  In the toilet there was a lot of flies and insects that loitered there. This huge spider came to stay it was about eight inches in diameter,  I think it was a funnel web spider. As I have said before everything gets named! So the spiders name was Betty and she became part of the family. Well doing the bloke thing I sprays the spider with water and it starts swinging on its web as if to say I'm gunna get you. Every time I went in there it would start swinging on its web, I pointed this out to Pam my wife and she said that it didn't do that when she went in there. I asked visitors and they said the same thing. It only swung on its web when I went in there.  I often would spray it to cool it down but in hindsight I think it raised its blood pressure when I came in. I wasn't allowed to kill it and it was then named Betty. I worked it out anything that I wanted to eat of kill got a name and when they had a name they became part of the family, now being part of the family there was no way to kill it. Betty was there to stay. Betty was flaming huge as I said huge for a spider turns out she was pregnant and along came the children.Thousands of them these were not named individually so they had to go. Now I had to contend with Betty and her kids, she was more aggressive than before so the spraying had to stop by the order of the management. This order was given as they were so tiny the water droplets might drown the babies. Then the management stepped in again and ordered Betty to take her children out as they were not welcome, Orders from the management were final and had to be carried out. You wouldn't believe it the next day they were gone and only Betty remained,  I think she must have ate them cause they were all gone. Betty lived on to a ripe old age there and finally we found her skeleton all dried up.The photo is not Betty but is called Jill not quite as big and a different species. 

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