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Monday, March 1, 2010

This may or may not have happened

I do not want to be locked up for spilling the beans about Australia's national security so this may be fiction and maybe its not just maybe.
I was at the rubbish tip and found some government documents labeled as classified top security so as any good honest bloke would do I read them. To my surprise the were talking about watering the west of the country in the most dramatical way. It involved the largest infrastructure since the second world war. They are going to acquire land, and there will be no way anyone will complain as they are going to introduce legislation, to sort the problem and if any one goes against it they will be jailed as a traitor. This is real heavy the proposal is to flood the inland sea with sea water and to do this they will dig a canal to lake Eyre in South Australia and this will have the positive effect of lowering the sea level all over the world. It is to be done as a green project and the canal will produce hydro electricity with the tide fluctuations. The result is to lower the temperature of the surrounding lands as the winds pick up the water and green the desert. It will be argued that they are putting the sea back where it belongs. As I stated in one of my previous blogs about the iron ore being taken from the Australian continental plate and this floating higher and the result is earth quakes of the type as never seen before, they intend to sink the continental plate with the weight of the sea water ..Sounds logical to me.

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