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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Humphery Bear at Gundagai

Humphrey was at Gundagai when the river flooded and then came the mice plague. Humphrey being a placid thing could not let the mice starve he offered his foot for them to eat. When found on a recent trip he was hemorrhaging his bits on the floor. With out a thought his left leg was amputated without anesthetic and he made a full recovery. The picture below shows him sitting on the front fence.

The next photo shows Humphrey playing hide and seek sitting in a tree hiding from a little girl.

He also went swimming in the Murrumbidgee river in all his clothes. He could have found a cleaner part of the river to play.
Humphrey asked to come to Nowra to live as he said he doesn't like the mice anymore and the next photo shows Humphrey visiting Goulburn on the way to Nowra.

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