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Friday, January 7, 2011

Arsnic and fireworks WHAT GOES UP MUST COME DOWN

  Its amazing that the governments from around the world can use so much poison to celebrate the new year. Boy do I pay for it with severe pains in the chest around this time of the year. Its no wonder that birds are dying by the thousands this year. How do you stop the infidels. If we used these chemicals on the land for food production we would be attacked by the greenies and put out of business. I live south of Sydney and the predominant winds blow the gasses and the minute particles south and they settle here. Are you in a fallout area?

Arsenic Sulfide, Red
The common name is Realgar and it is also known as Red Arsenic. Purchase the technical grade, which is available as a poisonous orange-red powder. It is used in fireworks to impart color to the flame.
Arsenic Sulfide,Yellow As2S3 This Chemical is just as poisonous as its red brother and is also used in fireworks, somewhat. The common name is Kings Gold.
Arsenious Oxide As4O6
A white, highly poisonous powder used in fireworks. It is also known as Arsenic Trioxide, Arsenious Oxide and Arsenous Acid. Its uses are similar to Paris Green.

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