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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

How to make things

If you take on a project break it into small jobs. It takes about 360 parts to make a steam locomotive. If you make one piece a day it will take one year. Some parts take longer like the boiler and this could take several months but even this is broken into it small parts and then there is the assembly of the boiler so this is about 6 months in total. So to make a steam locomotive it takes about 18 months. Smaller jobs take less time making one part every day till the job is finished and you will achieve things. TV takes the place of one part every day you watch it.  You will notice that sometimes I get waylaid when looking for materials and this slows the original job. Set a list of ten things for the next days work and number these in order of importance and work the list. The next day put the remaining things on the next list and add some more to have ten and then work on these the following day. Works for me.

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