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Friday, February 11, 2011


I have asked the question before,where does all the tyre treads go to? The answer lies in the fact that it comes off real slowly in the form of dust! rubber dust. You can read that earth-ships are not environmental as they gas off toxic materials. Now this is a fact an undisputed fact. So the tyres of your car have the same gasses and material in them this is also a fact. Undisputed. Now getting back to the treads and where do they go to and the answer is onto the roads in the form of very fine dust particles which also gas off like the earth ships. The dust is then pulverized by traffic and made even smaller and it becomes air borne. Where does it end up? In your houses and in you and your children's lungs  to fester and grow into who knows what? Don't believe me? I just bought one of those ceiling fans and it has been up for a month and the tips of the blades are covered with you guest it black coloured dust. Now check this out for yourselves and notice the ceiling fans in your area and think.where did that come from? I would like to here from someone who lives in a country setting and has fans, do you have this?

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