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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Delusions of Grandure or phycopic episodes in Australia

Tall popies are cut down in there prime (great Australian pastime) There will never be people in Australia that will rise above there station while these types of thinking are arround. If you were to try to do so you would be charged with grand delusions and pumped full of pills by the mental health system. I had a mate who sold contraceptions to America and was jailed for seven years. Why you might ask? 29 million people here 10 million female half sexually active thats 5 million times $40 per month for the pill and times that by twelve months now thats a lot of money thats about 2 billion.Just a pitance that has been given away to foriegn countries. If you think you are more important than the American president (which I am ) then you have delusions of grandure and can be medicated for this. Watch out all Americans because everyone of you personally think you are better and more important than you president.. Think for a moment now..!!!!!! Who runs this country Doctors and our female prime minister, I would never say anything sexist about a woman prime minister, but she is just a arsehole.

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