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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

nuclear power plants

During the second world war the Japanese attacked the USA with balloons with bombs that crossed the Pacific ocean on the winds. Fucashima power station  fall out will go where the balloons went and with those winds go the fallout from these broken power reactors. During the French atomic tests x ray equipment testing units were set off in Victoria in Australia. We are all effected with radio active materials and the increase in cancers is inevitable and our children are all effected and even the unborn ones. Now we come to global warming .. sorry climate change and the cost for carbon. Where is all this extra carbon coming from? There is the same amount on the earth as there was when it was formed. Look I don't get it , if you want to reduce the consumption of all materials then the only way to do this is wars and population reduction. Here is an example:- The Tasmanian Tiger doesn't produce any carbon dioxide any more, It has done its bit for global warming - climate change. My mate David Hughes suggested population reduction on his internet site Crowed Planet and was Jailed for taking steps to do what he thought was right and his site taken from him by the ACCC.. Look guys and girls it is simple KEEP YOUR PANTS ON and we wont need nuclear power stations and wars to keep the populations down. The greens have population reduction in there sights with gay marriages here in Australia the next step is to make it compulsery .

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