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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Blue gums are dying across Australia

This is a major problem that has not been recognised and must be seen for what it is. The problems are that minuscule amounts of phosphorus is effecting the Tassie tigers and the same goes for the trees but it is not phosphorus. I was in the wilderness area of Pidgion mountains in the south east of the state and was speaking to a local bushman and he has noticed the dying. Now this is totally random dying one in a stand of blue gums and it is not the oldest it is any age height middle of the stand or the outside ones even trees sorronded by healthy trees.
The problem comes from the bi products of the automobile and maybe from the rubber particles from the tyres or the products of combustion and this is attacked by a fungus to clean up our mess. Now you see the problem..Maybe the trees are going to attack people!

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