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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Where is the Bubble Puppy

        OK, this is odd story

This is the Welpe Luft-Blassen  or bubble puppy in english

It was built by a Nazi scientist conscripted by the American Military to work in New Mexico during WW 2. Count S. von Teleki disappeared without trace and they claim that to this day nobody knows what the BubblePuppy was designed to do. It was was lost for a number of years until being found in an old crate in Alamogordo, New Mexico during the 1980's.

The pix are of a copy of the Bubble Puppy made by an artist who claims to have only been allowed to see a glimpse of the blueprints. The story is that its all top secret kinda shit although they never come right out and say that.

Now apparently a movie has been made about the Bubble Puppy but hasn't been released yet.

This story was copied from the above post and would like to have an answer?

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