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Monday, December 19, 2011

home invasion

Home invasion

I went to see a couple of mates the other day and left my house locked and in the charge of my wife and the dogs. It was late when I got home that is it was dark at 7.00 pm....When I came in the drive way I could hear the dogs going ballistic in the back yard. Thinking that they were overly happy to hear me coming in. I got out of the car and yelled at them to shut up because of the noise. It seemed funny that the house was in darkness as  the wife used to leave the lights on. I went to open the door and you wouldn't believe the friggen door was open. I turned on the lights and called out and silence was the reply. Thinken where is the cook I went to all the rooms and blow me down she wasn't there and the back door was open. Being tired  I want to bed and in the morning I was reinforced she wasnt there. I fed the dogs and wondered where she was. Thinking the cars still there and all her things are there and her hand bag was gone.
I rang my mate and said that the wife was gone along with about two hundred dollars in change, him being a funny bastard said lucky bastard whats the problem. I said Im serious she aint here, The reply came, that's why you came over here to get an allaby yesterday, Now I was being serious and he was friggen joking. Then it dawned on me I could be in serious trouble if she didn't turn up and I told him so and that I didn't do her in.  He said to ring the local hospital so I did after finally finding the number in the telephone book. (See previous post) I gets on to this shela called Karen and she said she would ring me back after checking. well she didn't ring me she rang the police and informed them. Im struggling to find the police number in the phone book and they ring me and asked if my wife was there. I said to them how did you know as I was trying to find the police number in the phone book. They said the hospital rang them Karen must have known how hard it was to find the number and did it for me.
I had to file a missing persons report which I did. I rang my son who is a copper and he said he hoped they found her as I was number one suspect. Thinking to earlier times when she was put in hospital and in a lapse of sanity she told them I was conspiring to kill her with this other woman and the Sargent of the local police came out to arrest me, I was lucky that me old mate Donny spoke up for me.
Seven days went by and the police finally rang and said she was in hospital.
What a relief I was off the hook.
Turns out the mental health came and took her away, left the house open and in darkness. I went in and made several complaints as to what had happened and how it happened.
The next day I get a phone call from mental health and they were concerned that I said that they took the money............
After a long silence..........I said "what".....another long silence......... THEY REPEATED  THAT THEY DIDN'T TAKE THE MONEY......... Then I said I don't give a fuck about the money and I wasnt going to proceed down this line and that this matter was over. They hung up and didn't let me know where or how my wife was. Strange bastards they should book them selves into the hospital and inject themselves with those stranger drugs... Talk about nut cases they take the cake...I have now been declared single by the government and can see what my mate meant. Whats your problem??
Whats your problem?
Where is this leading to well my ex partner of 32 years is to have electric shock treatment  and my son is trying to stop it. I wonder why. My diagnosis is lack of work and too much time to think. Solution WORK and Exercise.
If I were to set up an cattle electric fence to  protect my property and some thief were to get a shock from the fence I would go to jail for setting a mantrap. 
If i were to hold a person against there will and subject them to electric shock I would go to jail.
Then there is the law about giving someone a drug against there will. These people are above the law and if anything was to happen to my ex wife. I will get the best lawyer in the country (my son)to have the people charged with murder.
If I were to say some one had a mental problem I could be sued. But I will say some one has a mental problem and it is the doctors of death from Auschwitz and yet doctors today use the same torture to so called treat people with mental illness. It cannot be called torture if you sedate them into a unconscious state. Let me tell you these people remember what has happened to them, I know because I live with one of the victims.
More money for mental health in Australia to do more torture and line the pockets of the doctors (quacks) with gold. 
Then there is the aboriginal way and I will use it if I have to.
Pointing of the bone. is this real or quackery I know there is people in graves who do not think it is. Delusions of grandeur quackery call it what you like no different to saying Jesus is the son of god.
If you the people do not stand up and be herd then you at some stage in your life just might face the morbid doctors of death at your local Psychoactric  hospital.  
Isn't it amazing that doctors practice and get paid even if they don't fix you, wouldn't have a mechanic or engineer like that would you? So why do you put up with Quackery.

Then there is the persecution for religious beliefs Jehovah Witnesses believe the end is near and my wife was given electric shock treatment for these thoughts. So much for freedom of religion.

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