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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Sydney Christmas

Went up to the big smoke for Christmas. Traffic I tells ya an hour to go a kilometer these blokes who drive in Parramatta are Nuts. Then I gets on one of those electric trains and gets to Sydney in thirty minutes. I gets out at Townhall station and goes to this shop called Hobbyco. Amazing! I get into this box and Im now on the second floor. Talk about teleportation, near buckles at the knees but arrives there safe. I cant find the box to go back down and Im stuck two flights up. I goes to climb over the rails to get down and Im pulled back and escorted to these moving stairs. Bloody helpful people there. Then there is this hand made christmas tree is like 80 feet high and covered in lights. So I gets my little trusty camera and does a video for yous to see. So here it is

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