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Sunday, December 18, 2011

You are being watched

Sounds like a crazy manes talk? Think for a moment! The Australian Government is spending millions of dollars for us to get digital television why? Yes the change over from analog to digital TV is happening,and they will even pay for it. I will ask you another question does your computer have a video camera built into it mine does, and it can be switched on remotely. Yes this is a fact. I can access my security cameras from my computer even when I am not there. The technology is there for the same to be done with your TV screen. Are you being watched? I think so!!!! My computer camera is taped over. Your mobile phone is tracking you all the time and voices are recorded that how prince Charles was found out with Comella. The air waves are monitored all the time. Does your car have a tracking device in it some can be stopped electronically and even lock the doors to trap the people inside. How do you stop this leave the car at home the mobile and any electronic devices. Wear a burker and you will not be photographed in public places and move to the bush or even in the suburbs in an underground house. I have a remote underground cave that only I know where it is.

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