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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Masturbation and cooking

This will be another one of those posts where I halve my readers

Masturbation is the thing that no one talks about! Why?
I remember reading a book by Louise Hay and she said it so well, God has the time to look over the edge of the moon and watch me going at it or something to that effect.
Is god a pervert?
Well if not he makes us all feel perverted and sinners. Remember "we are all sinners and god loves a sinner and not the sin" so there you are we can all go at it as much as we like cause god loves us.
This brings us to another subject, who is doing it?
Prince Charles? To get rid of Diana this must make him a suspect!
The prime minister of Australia Gulia Jillard no she isn't cause she is f-ing all the people of Australia and the American congress...
Yes masturbation what a wonderfull thing.
Goes well with pornography as a garnish with lots of oil warmed over a hot bed of white Satin sheets for about fifteen minutes.

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