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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Australia the racist country

I have been recognised as being part aboriginal, with this comes benefits that I was never looking for. Free medical prescriptions being one. Now remember that I never asked for this. When one person is treated by the government differently than someone else because of skin colour then that is racist.
I was Born in Holland to a Dutch father and an Australian mother and came to Australia from a war torn country on a boat. I was an aboriginal refugee if you like at the age of one. I am Australian because I have papers to prove it.
There is three types of aboriginal.
The first is the full blood and totally black with pride in them selves and there families.
The second type is part black and part white being bought up in a black family.
Then there is the third type part black part white being bought up in a white family.
I can not talk about the second type but I can talk about the third type, Me.
My father worked hard in the forests in the north of the state of N.S.W. We lived in shanty houses caravans and the like that is substandard housing because that was all there was.
I remember living in a caravan whilst the only true house was built at the age of eleven.
Plaster walls wooden floors and a bathroom with running hot and cold water. This was the life of a rich person. I saw my first television for the first time at the age of sixteen with its black and white picture and fuzzy picture. My time was spent on the beach cooking potatoes in foil and freshly baked bread with friends whom combined there money to buy the ingredients.
I later studied to become a trades man fitter and machinist.As in one of my previous posts I worked on large machinery at the steel works in the coke ovens and washery. I found the dirtier the place of work the better the comradeship of looking after mates. I got married and bought a house made of brick and lived there for thirty years and divorce sent me back to living in shanty houses and caravans but this time I owned them.
Getting back to the story aboriginals bought up in a white family have a different attitude, but lack the family ties of the ones bought up in black families. It is these strong family ties that stop one from dobbing in abuse of all kinds, which is sad and drags the society further down into dispare.
 I hope this may explain and help white people understand and may also help some black people as well.
Then as being dark skinned the racism is there, an being nieve I could never understand why I was never accepted by society. I was black not of the whites and not of the blacks I became a loaner and the only ones whom I made friends with was Greeks and Italians and the people on the fringes of society and lonely people. Good people and I am so privilaged to have such a life and bless every day as they come..

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