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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Education and its failing.

If you had to learn everything first-hand, you’d die stupid.
You pick up second-hand information from the printed page.
If you can’t learn, you might check to see if you feel you already “know it all.”
To study, the materials so one can pass an exam, Then one won’t be able to do anything with the subject once the exam is over.
The valid reason to study is to be able to understand and apply what is learned. 
To act as though the data had no value to you; and, with no intention to use the data, then this is a waste of time and resources!
An engineer gets his degree in engineering and never has intention to use the subject, The degree is a status symbol.
If you find a student who is afraid to get involved. He becomes a spectator and not a student.
Lack any of these three.
1.lack of application.
2. lack of data.
3.No execution of ideas.
Then there is no ability to do.
The above explains why one could study what one is interested in and have a good life.

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