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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Psycotic drugs cause 20% of road crashes

A study of the road statistics shows that 20%of road crashes are caused by psychotic medication and this figure is on the rise.
The number of people diagnosed with mental disorders is also on the rise at the same proportional  rate as fatalities on the road. Shootings are in the same category as more and more people are placed on these drugs so the shooting rampages increase.
Personally I have witnessed the driving behavior of a person on these medications. It is about time that driving licensees be taken from people whom are on prescribed psychotic medications. There will be growing litigation against psychiatrists who allow people to drive and do not tell the roads authorities this is going to be a fact in the coming years.
I personally have tried Prozac with the effects of hallucinating and the drug Zyprexa which puts one to sleep for up to sixteen hours straight. How can one drive a vehicle with these drugs in ones system and the doctors forceably prescribe these drugs with an injection and allow the patient to drive.

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