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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Thieves caught with new tracking devices

Last week My sons house was broken into.  But there was a twist to the break in, he is a policeman. Not just an ordinary copper one whom has great skills with computers, You see his electric stuff has tracking devices connected to it. When unplugged from the power source it enables the tracking device when the power is reinstated the device is switched on, delivering the criminals directly to the police. These devices are set on a delay of up to a month or more and do not and can not be detected with other equipment.  The first tracking device to switch on was a cheap electric drill.  This was the first time this equipment was tried in real world scenario and passed with flying colours.
Police 1
Criminals 0
Further information can be obtained threw supplying a comment to this post with your details.


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  2. This happened in real life it was not a suggestion, with two people being charged . One with house breaking and entering and the other with receiving stolen property.They are to face court with penalties of up to ten years in jail.