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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Alas "Old fashioned shack Gundagai"

I lived in "the old fashioned shack" in Gundagai. It must be the original as my son went to Canada and posted mail to "Old fashioned shack Gundagai" and I got it. The postman knows when others don't. In March 2012 the house went under water in the floods and severe damage was done to the additions of the structure. There is a small amount of work to be done to the original structure. Where do I begin? The insurance company is leaving me high and dry with an offer of 8,000 it was insured for 145,000. It would be a shame to destroy the place as I lived here for many years and basically the original structure is intact but small.  Interior walls are made from the catholic church bits when renovations were done there some years back.  It even has bullet holes in the windows from a landlord going mad at the tenants. The old newspapers under the carpets still intact from 1949 telling of the war crimes and the hunting down of the Japanese war criminals. Retribution was swift with hangings the favored as they the criminals lost face before death with the shame on the families. If only those walls could talk. How does one repair a house with no money!

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