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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Insurance claims and forced to break the law.

There is a tactic that the insurance industries use against policy holders.
During flooding my house went under and there was serious damage to the house. The insurance company secured the services of a contractor to quote on the damage with the brief of make it small. Then they stick with this and will not move. They then say to the contractor that they do not need there services any more. Then they settle with you for this sum of money. You then try to engage the services of this company and surprise surprise they can not do the work as they have been terminated by the insurance company. They the insurance company  lie to you by omission. You are left with the real bill. The difference in my case is $8152.05 and the real price being $156,000. They then say they have cash settled with you. In Australia in NSW it is illegal to do work in excess of $5000 with out the required qualifications.
You are forced to break the law by doing the work yourself. I am qualified and I caught them out and they are sticking to there guns. I will in time name the company but at this stage as the issue is ongoing I will wait. I dare say all the companies use these tactics in one form or another.
Please remember that flood damage takes some time to show itself.
If you are in this same predicament then send a comment and you name will not be published,maybe a class action can be made. Cheers professor Iggle

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