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Thursday, November 8, 2012


Brunei Romania Ukraine and all the other countries I have never heard of before. I have people reading my posts from here and other places from around the world . I guess people are people with loves and hates and preduces  all bought on by politicians of various degrees of political persuasions. Who would have ever thought that I would ever be directly communicating with the enemy so to speak. Yes we were taught to hate whilst in the army by ill informed people with a gender and a barrow to push. So here it is WELCOME ABOARD from all around the world. I would love to here stories and partake of the cultures from the wonderful people of the world. I think we are lucky here in Australia that we can call the prime minister a lair or what ever and not got to jail for it. The real criminals are the ones who make the explosives mines bullets and weapons.  Iggle

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