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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Return thoughts

I was sent a document to see if I still had injuries in my back from a mine accident in 1998. The mind turned to having to relive the trauma with detrimental results. Having to have medical tests and the reliving of the past bought up the severe pain that I have not felt in years. I thought the pain was gone but it wasn't ,My perception of the pain had changed and some how my body was living with it and somehow blocking it. The pain returned with a vengeance and I was in bed for most of the day in agony. Why do I mention this well it would be nice to know that this information might help someone in the future. Its science in my world. I forced myself to not feel the pain and would not take drugs for pain after the accident. I forced myself to do things and the result was self medication without drugs ......I did take some drugs like Zoloft for four days and Celebrex for some months till I found out it caused heart attacks. I have been so lucky that I didn't get hooked on drugs as a result of pain.
I guess life is what you make it.

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