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Monday, November 26, 2012


I went on my last trip to the north coast of NSW. It was the most rewarding and the most disturbing I have ever been on. Why? you ask. I did a court crawl yes court crawl you know the legal kind.
 First Court was the Kempsey court where there is a big aboriginal population and the matters all involved alcohol and drugs in one form or another. This substance abuse then lead to abuse of children and women. This was to set the scene for the whole trip. The age was from prebirth to the very elderly. All involved alcohol.
Magistrate Evans allowed me to sit in on Children's Court where I sat stunned with tears welling in my eyes. The experience was overwhelming at times. Mr Evans then invited me to sit in on a road safety lecture at Port Macquarie  where he related a story of deaths just north of the town. There was about 1000 pupils there and it was also stated that within five years statistically five of them would be dead. I was then taken to aboriginal circle which is where the elders past judgement on the accused.
Again may I state that alcohol was the main cause of the proceedings. Three days was spent here.
Then we moved onto Macksville where again more cases were seen one with a stabbing and let me tell you it is nothing like the tv dramas. Two days here and then onto Grafton with its beautiful tree lined streets of Jacaranda.
Balina was the next call and time was spent at the local museum where there is a huge collection of model boats. Back at court the cases of alcohol abuse continued.
We then went to Coffs Harbor where the theme remained the same more sorrow and heartache with the families suffering more than the perpetrator.
During the trip I saw first hand the haves and the have nots in thew aboriginal community. Some living in the lap of luxury with trail bikes and new cars and houses and others living in sheer poverty.
It was obvious the wealth was from aboriginal land council money siphoned off to aid the few. Yes corruption lies and deciet as none of these people had jobs, all paid for by the taxpayers of Australia.
It was stated by one official that it was comming to an end as the government has no money left for such generosity.
The suppliers of the alcohol have a product and they must be held accountable for the troubles in the community the same as the tabacco industry have been held accountable.
Its over to you for comment. cheers 

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